Luminous Loom Grant

The Luminous Loom Grant Program at Harmonic Harvest is a transformative initiative that aims to provide financial support and recognition to individuals, businesses, and entities in Wisconsin dedicated to hosting charitable social gatherings.

By offering financial support and recognition through the Luminous Loom Grant Program, Harmonic Harvest aims to inspire positive change, encourage community connection, and foster a sense of shared responsibility among those dedicated to hosting charitable social gatherings in Wisconsin. This is a great way to capture the ripple effect of positive social impact!

This annual grant opens in conjunction with the start of the ‘Weaving Silver Linings’ season, shedding light on the impactful projects of the previous grant recipients. The grant is open for applications until the Lunar New Year, marking the closing of the application period and the anticipation of a new cycle.

If you applied for a previous season, you may also apply for the next season.

The application period is currently closed, but will reopen in the fall season of 2024.

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